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Services and Rates
1-2 people
$300 Half day (4 hour trip)
$400 Full day. (8 hour trip)
4 People Max ($50 for each additional person up to 4)
July 1st thru Sept. 10
No License Required
We Clean Your Scallops
Scalloping Rates $75 Adults $50 Children (12 and under)
Tarpon Fishing
1-2 people
$350 Half day (4 hour trip)
$500 Full day. (8 hour trip)
4 People Max ($50 for each additional person up to 4)
Shark Trips Available
Call for more info

What to bring
Drinks and a lunch, Sunblock, a hat and sunglasses. Also bring a cooler to leave in your car to take you fish home in.  Bring a camera to take thise photos that will last a life time.

What is provided
All of the bait and Tackle is provided, if you have a favorite fishing rod by all means bring it. I will clean all of the fish how you want them and bag them for you. I also provide the fishing license.
Redfish also known as Red drum, Channel bass, Spottail bass, or simply Reds are the most widely sought after game fish. They can be found in everyone of the Gulf Coast States from Northern Mexico all the way to the Florida Keys. On the Atlantic coast of the United States they can be found from Massachusetts to the south end of Florida. Redfish can live up to 60 years.
The are very popular because of there ability to put up long , hard fought battles on light tackle. Here on the Gulf coast of Florida, Redfish feed on crabs, shrimp, and small bait fish. They can be found in the crystal clear waters of the Nature Coast, around oyster bars, rocky points, and on the grass flats off of Crystal River and Homosassa. They are one of the few game fish that can be targeted in fresh water as well as salt water. They also can be caught year around. Redfish are good table fare comparable to Grouper in the firmness of the fillet. In Florida Redfish have a slot size that may be kept, 18 to 27 inches, smaller and larger Reds may be caught and released with plenty of photo opportunities. This makes them a prime target for the Crystal river fishing guides and their clients.
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